Thursday, November 18, 2010

sweet silver cups..and pups

I rented a lens this past weekend to take Cody's 2 year old pictures (coming soon).  the day I got the lens I also got the cutest little mint julep cups I've ever seen.  I've never had a mint julep...I don't really know what it is...something about drinking it at horse races...but I however, will not be using them for horse race punch but instead for a certain big event in March!!!  seriously...they are so cute! 

and while I was playing around with the lens...these two were just begging to be models!
(ummm can we take a second to notice Bauer's grey beard...such an old man)


Jonathan said...

Shots all around for me and Josh in your Mint Julep Cups!

Amber V said...

I just love your pups!! They are too cute!!