Wednesday, November 3, 2010

pumpkin puppies

Oh dogs in will always be funny.

I got Bauer a pumpkin t-shirt for his girlfriend got a pumpkin costume to match.

and for the record...they really do love each other...

Now, when Halloween rolled around we felt like Rosie Bell was maybe feeling a bit left out (this absolutely not how she felt, but our desire to have all the pups dressed up won out over her desire to never conform to what the other two are doing).  Luckily, Luna had a set of Halloween pajamas (naturally...what dog doesn't have an extra set of Halloween pajamas).  I know what you are thinking.  Luna is a SUPER small.  Rosie is fairly this going to work?  well...why don't you be the judge of how it worked out...

ummm, hello adorable!!! (poor rosie...she was a trooper, it was a wee bit too small)

now...if you remember our HUGE pumpkin that we got at gentry's farm...Mom REALLY wanted to put Luna IN it.  HA!  maybe next year. We'll just settle for all around it. But putting her next to it does help you see just how big it really is.

hope you all had a happy Halloween! 
next up is Thanksgiving and on to Christmas! 
What a wonderful time of year!

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Amber V said...

LOVE!!! They are all so darn cute!