Monday, November 15, 2010

family photos

tis the season...for family photos!

This sweet family works at TBCH with me.  They, however, are the ones that actually do ALL.THE.WORK. and go out there, offer up their lives, homes, jobs, comforts, and schedules to be parents to children in need 24/7.  They...are houseparents.  What missionaries.  Talk about "looking after orphans in their distress" (James 1:27), these folks do it EVERY.DAY.  What a cool way for their sweet boy to be raised...seeing everyone as equals, learning to have an open heart and open home when it comes to helping others in need, and always having a house full of friends to play with :)

Besides showing you some recent pictures I took, I wanted to use this post to remind you (and first and foremost myself) that as the holidays grow closer and as we get excited to be with family and eat big meals...there are those who don't have that to look forward to...and there are those like that just down the street from you.  literally.  TBCH has campuses in 6 locations across the state, there are missions and shelters all over...plenty of ways for you to give to someone who needs it this year!

tis the give back.

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