Tuesday, February 22, 2011

mantle monogram

Our mantle is currently a work in progress. slowly but surely I'll just resolve to having it be officially SPRING in the Drake house, but it's still February and I have issues with that.  For the meantime here is what I am working with...

I got this orange vase/pitcher/heaviest decoration ever at my Hallmark Shower last month.  It's an item we've had in the store.  I like the structure and size and I figured Josh would like the color so we both win!

josh, he loves me...and buys me fresh daisies! see...baby steps towards spring!
and the bird vase...a mantle staple.

put them all together and you get something like this...

I like all the pieces separately but it still isn't a cohesive project yet.  I'll figure it out soon enough, but for now...we are counting down to the official start date of that monogram on the mantle.

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