Thursday, February 24, 2011


Are you married? did you get new luggage when you got married?  I kind of just thought that was something everyone did.  Or maybe since I'd had my lime green duffle bag with my name on it for 11 years I thought it was time for something more "adult."  Either way...I wanted new luggage.

Josh...being a boy...felt like what he had would do just we compromised.  I got an extra-large duffle/suitcase and he got a nice new carry-on messenger bag.  win/win.  My trusty lime green duffle came from LLBean...after 11 years... traveling to Australia and back, moldova and back multiple times, youth camps and vacations ...she's still in great shape.  No tears, no seams coming a part, nothing wrong.  So, I went with LLBean again.

The Quick Load collection...

I got the Upright Duffle, Extra Large

and josh gets the Messanger Bag


L.Caroline said...

We've been talking about registering for luggage... The fiance has a pretty new/nice set but my bright red set I received for Christmas many years ago is long gone! Usually we travel together so I think I will adding a few pieces to his set that are "mine"!

Amber V said...

Yep we got new luggage for the honeymoon! We didn't register for it - John travels a lot so we were able to get it with some of his hotel points.