Thursday, February 3, 2011

no fast food

i'll admit it.  i like fast food.  it's quick, easy, good, and cheap.  i know, i's horrible for you and processed and gross and all the other stuff healthy people say is bad for you about it.  but I'll say it...i like it...mcdonald's, taco bell, wendy's, ....and of course...chickfila.  i like it.

best fries - burger king
best burger - wendy's
best chicken nuggets - chickfila ...though there is something great and classic about mcdonald's mcnuggets. the wedding day draws closer and closer josh and I are both faced with the fact that we could stand to loose a few pounds.  My roommate is getting married a month before me.  "Scait" as I refer to them (scott and caitlin) decided to not eat fast food until the wedding.  THE SHAME! I thought to myself...but then, we decided if they can do it...we can do it...and for a month longer.  So since the first of the year we've said no to fast food.

so the challenge is on.  no fast food...except for valentine's day.  we'll go to chickfila on valentine's day.  it's josh's FAVORITE place ever. AND sonic for some vday dessert because THEY HAVE THIS!!!

oh my gosh!  it's like my idea of the perfect dessert all in one cup!

anyone else up for the challenge?!


Lindsey Haeger said...

ah man!! i love fast food, too. I would eat mcdonald's three days a week if I could! After i watched "super-size me" i actually craved it more. I'm sick, i know!

We started cutting back in 2008 after jonathan's gallbladder was taken out (thanks to too much mcdonalds and sonic!)

My favorites...
Best burger - Burger King
Best Fries - McDonald's
Best Chicken Nuggets - Chick-fe-la, but McDonald's is very close second!

emily said...

oh lindsey...thank you for loving fast food too! I know too much is bad...but it's just so darn easy.

Mary Frances said...

I admit...more times than I should I stop and get a 4 piece mcnugget "snack" at mcdonalds...pretty sure that's not on the healthy snack list.

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