Monday, April 11, 2011

a traveling bag

As you know, I wanted new luggage for the honeymoon/the rest of our lives.  For whatever reason the luggage decision was a very important one to me.  I wanted practical and sturdy luggage to check but then wanted something cute and fun for my carry on.  My carry would be overnight bag for when we stayed at the hermitage.  And for this reason, it needed to match my wedding colors.  call me crazy, it's ok.

I've never really been much of a Vera Bradley fan.  It was just really expensive to me for something I could find somewhere else.  Until I found this navy pattern.  It was so fun...not overly girlie, but simple and NAVY...which was a main color in my wedding.  I knew then my overnight/carry on bag needed to be this.  So I paid way too much for something that I absolutely LOVED and it actually turned out to be quite the perfect purchase and is a great carryon piece!

So I ordered The Weekender bag in Twirly Bird Navy.  I was a very happy girl when it arrived!

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L.Caroline said...

Adorable! And I completely understand your need to match the wedding colors- I am of similar thinking.

I have been a Vera girl for a long time now... I agree on price, but I have had the best luck with pieces being very durable (not like checked baggage handled by airport folks durable but car traveling/carry-on durable!). I've also washed all of my pieces and they have not faded! I think you will be pleased with your purchase.