Wednesday, April 20, 2011

out of town guest treats

when you read lots of wedding blogs (like I do...err did) you see these ideas for things and even though it may not be a necessity, it latches on to your mind and you feel as though you HAVE to do it...simply because it's cute.

that was me with my out of town guest treats.  Really, the only out of town guests were my family.  I'm sure they would have been fine without some Nashville treats, but I really wanted to it.  so I did.

I gathered some cowboy hats (as the gift bag) and bandannas (as the tissue paper).

at hallmark we have this set of Nashville Note Cards with the skyline done in different famous paintings, so I included a little note on one of those for each family.

I filled the hats with bottled water, Goo Goo clusters (b/c they are made in TN), some TN mints in a little guitar case, and some Nashville postcards. Nothing fancy, but still fun and a nice welcoming treat when they made it to town.  I also included a welcome note and designed some maps of the area with places to eat and shop.

I love Nashville and wanted my family to as well!

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Amber said...

Super cute!! I love that you used cowboy hats and bandannas.