Wednesday, August 31, 2011

back to school birthday present

I recently wrote about my love of all things paper related and school supplies.  You people may think I'm kidding...I'm not.  as a kid my dad and brother would always want to go in book stores. I hated it.  I'm still not fan of book stores...or books for that matter...harry potter series aside (and that I started "reading" when I found out I could get the books on tape for scholastic this one!).  Me? I would long to just go browse in Office Max.  cool huh? What? you already have 3 calendars on your desk right now and you "need" another? yes, always.  I also have a sharpie pen cup and a normal pen cup.  because I'm cool like that.

My mom, she knows this about me.  She was awesome and got me a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils for my birthday...helloooo awesome.  Duh, we all love that Meg Ryan put our own desires in to words and have longed for the day for someone to do that just for us.  It finally happened and it was awesome.  Thanks Mom!

Also, my friend Caitlin...she is equally as awesome as my mom (granted, she didn't birth me...but still...)  And she got me this for my birthday...

WHAT?! are you freaking serious?!  A school supply "cake" (like a diaper "cake"'s not really an edible cake...but school supplies shaped like a tiered cake).  what in the world!  I LURVED it to say the least.  And love that my friends know me so well.  Are you jealous? What? you don't LOVE highlighters and paper clips? Who are you?  you should love them.

Here's the breakdown...

sharpie highlighters, sharpie pens, crayon packs, post it notes, file folders, paper clips,
and a cute polka dot casserole dish!!!

Thanks so much caitlin for being awesome, creative, and knowing things that I love!


caitlin said...

I feel so honored that my gift to you got a blog post!

...and you're welcome for being awesome

Nanette R. said...

I seriously have to watch the clock whenever I go to the office store for work, or else I'd be in there all day! :-)