Wednesday, August 10, 2011

dip baby, dip

ah...caitlin's birthday party! it was a fun night. We started off with some Dairy Dip action never disappoints!

then we headed back to my house for some Just Dance 2 action...are you ready for this?

I'm not sure you are.  Have you played Just Dance?! at first you think, "Oh, this is fun.  This will be silly and we'll have a good time." and then you're dancing, and you are trying to keep up, and it starts getting a little hard, and then you start breathing heavy and realizing how much you are starting to sweat and wondering how in the world this song is THAT long and hoping it will end soon...

and then you take a break and want to do it all over again!

forget Wii Fit...this is the workout we should all be doing everyday!

hope you had a great birthday caitlin!

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L.Caroline said...

Fun! I just discovered dairy dip... SO good!