Tuesday, August 23, 2011

birthday party sneak peek!

woah. I've been 29 for almost a week.  29 is tricky...not as big of a deal as 30 by any means (oh, 30...you seem like such a close friend these days) but still...last year in your twenties, that's kind of landmark kind of year.  A lot happened in my 20s...big, HUGE, massive things that have completely shaped the person I am today.  Not that I'm totally different than when I was 21 but umm...let's just say a VERY GOOD kind of different.  I've learned lots about life, people, my self, my own dreams, my heart, my emotions, my outlook, learning about roommates, cowokers, owning cars, paying off debt, etc.  it's a big decade your 20s. 

(birthday flowers from Josh and mom!)

anyway...for my party this year, I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do.  Everything I came up with seemed like a fun idea for next year...the big one, 3-0...not just same ol' same ol' 29.  So, finally I came up with just doing drinks and desserts.  With our house on the market, I knew I couldn't do anything too early in the evening in case someone wanted to look at the hosue, so I opeted for a later party with just desserts.  It worked out great.  I chose a few fun colors to decorate...

and then baked up a storm in the kitchen!!!

check back later this week for the fun recipes and treats!

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