Wednesday, January 5, 2011

picture frames

I read a lot of crafty blogs.  I'd seen the same concept on a few different sites so I decided to make my on own variation.  I turned a normal block of wood into, hopefully, a cute picture frame!

I took a block of could make it any size you want...I actually have no idea what size these are...  Anyway, I sanded down the edges.  Mod podged some paper on the top. Distressed edges.
I had some left over "glass" from old frames I was going to get rid of.  So I got some thumb tacks and hammered them in the wood to hold the glass in place.

I made some little fabric flowers to put on the sides by the glass...
just roll up fabric and hot glue it to some felt. super simple.

then I hot glued the flowers onto to the wood frame...

attach some ribbon to the back...and you're done!!!

the glass can slide out and you just add your picture behind it!


Christine said...

Those are super cute! What a great idea. I will definitely try to make some of those in the future. Thanks for sharing!

Jen Clapp said...

These look amazing! Thanks for sharing the idea!