Monday, January 17, 2011

far from perfect

Ah, perfection.  It's a crazy thing.  We'll never reach it...even though we always try.  I'm an odd duck.  I tend to be quite the "perfectionist" although I don't like things to be exactly perfect.  My perfect is a little off...just like me.  Nothing like wedding planning to bring out your imperfections.

Example A: these gift tags.  I didn't use a paper cutter.  I just cut free handed with scissors.  None of the lines are straight, nothing is centered, and not one is the same.  Totally full of flaws and imperfect. 

see what I mean? but I LOVED how they turned out.

There's a not a huge point to this blog except to encourage you people who think you "can't" that you totally CAN!  And you don't have to have fancy craft tools...just scissors and glue.

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