Monday, January 10, 2011

new sharpie prdouct

so...I love shapries...given. Josh gave me a whole new set in my stocking for Christmas...he truly loves me!

a few days ago at Walgreens while I was getting my passport picture taken (RANT: I have to get a new passport b/c mine expires in the middle of our honeymoon and i'm terrified of getting stuck in mexico.  So I have to pay $110 to renew my passport to use ONE TIME because the next time I go somewhere my name will have change so I'll spend another $110 to renew it again. blergh.) I saw a new sharpie product:

that's right folks.  Sharpie makes a pencil.  You don't have to click the lead out each's liquid so it has a rolling tip like a pen...I think.  I've used it for a few days.  I don't always love using pencils but this one isn't bad.  You have to hold it upright (like you do the Sharpie pen) or it will skip a little, but it erases perfectly!!!  AND you don't get smudge marks on the side of your hand!

I did make a "to do" list with it and stuck it in my purse.  by the end of the day it had all rubbed off...sad.  but this has been the only negative part.


Anonymous said...

they've got a thing now where if you get a passport and get married within a year, you can just fill out a paper, send in a new pic (i think?), and mail it in for free...ask about the form when you go to get it renewed.

joshntiff said...

No matter when you get married/change your name you don't need a new passport. They just amend the one you have and I'm pretty sure it's free. Granted, officials don't know to turn to the last page for the new name but you'll get used to telling people that. Enjoy your new pencil find!