Friday, January 28, 2011

country kitchen

oh the kitchen.

it's my most favorite room in a house.  i like that people gather around food...and often times that means gathering in the kitchen.  in the past places i've lived i've worked hard to strategically figure out the best way to organize and arrange my kitchen.  the functionality and flow are very important to me...where the dishes are in proximity to the dish washer...where the pots are in relation to the stove...what to put up top that I don't always need, etc.  I'm still working on that for Josh's. 

in the meantime, we are focusing on decorating.  all the apartments i've lived in before haven't had much wall space (or any space) in the kitchen.  So there really wasn't much to think about.  Josh's kitchen, however, has pretty green walls and an eat in kitchen area that are begging to be decorated. 

All the appliances and kitchen accents are silver.  The walls are green.  We've decided to go with a nice warm, southern, country, farm kitchen feel...since we are both from the south and long for a day when we can have land...and maybe a farm :)



both pictures are from one of our favorite downtown franklin shops, Wessex and Rye

we also ordered this oversized postcard to put up from Yee Haw Industries!

wall by wall...cow picture by cow picture we are making the house Our Home!

ps. any of you folks with great kitchen organizing tips...i'd love to hear them!


Amber said...

Love your wall decorations! So cute! As far as advice...I would consider investing in some of those pull out cabinet organizers. I didn't and have regretted it frequently.

Jess(ica) said...

Wish I had advice, but I think that I should be on the receiving end. The kitchen always baffles me. I do my best, but I always feel like it could be better (and cuter). Someday I hope to have a bigger kitchen, with more wall space, and maybe a center island made from an old farm table. :) Oo, and with a wood-burning stove somewhere. A girl can dream...