Monday, May 24, 2010

too organized?

The other day I got in Josh's car.  I looked down at the cup holders.  There was an open bottle of water WITH water in it WITH MY SHARPIE PEN in the water.  ummm, hello?!?!! does he not read my blog? seriously.

I went on to explain that some girls buy lots of shoes, others buy pretty summer I buy office supplies.  cool huh?

I would buy a new calendar every month if I could just because I love filling it out.  Here is a typical month's calendar in my planner - love me some color coding...

oh...and so I have my planner...but I keep another calendar in my purse at all times.  as well as my here's what we've got going on:

I love my notebook.  It not only helps me  make lists but also gives me a place to doodle :)

all organization tools brought to you by TARGET. how do you stay organized?


Jen Clapp said...

I am an avid the point that the organization makes things LESS easy. Oh well! At least I have fun notebooks :). My favorite new thing is my Bob's Your Uncle Eight Days a Week Planner (seen here:; I like how it gives actual times with some room for writing, but then the outside "someday" column for more notes and to-do lists.

Amber V said...

YAY! Office supplies are too much fun. I'm kinda of a paper addict myself.

P.S. Are you going to be at SATC Friday? If so I'll look for you before I get all sobbing and disgusting this time :)

molly said...

Those poor trees..

joann said...

i used to have a gigantic calendar that took up a whole side of the fridge with a line for everyone in the fam for every day in every week.color coordinated. now i write things on my hand.