Wednesday, May 12, 2010

sweet cece's celebration

It was supposed to be a surprise.  We would go get a normal dinner somewhere chill...really somewhere we had a coupon to and then go to Sweet Cece's.  Tuesdays are "Two Punch Tuesdays!" at Sweet Cece's and we've gone every week for quite awhile.  It would have been a normal Tuesday night...except he was planning to propose.  He had planned it all out.  His brother would save a parking spot, lele would be there to take pictures, and all my friends and our families would be there to celebrate with us.

Instead...his basement flooded and he couldn't wait any longer.  Knowing how important it is to me to celebrate with others we decided to keep the Sweet Cece's celebration as planned...just not really a surprise anymore.  Lele was gracious enough to still take pictures of a fake proposal and other fun moments of the night. 

I know the proposal stuff is getting a bit blog about the amy butler insprired baby shower coming soon!

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Lele said...

Yay! Fake proposals are the best! :)