Saturday, May 1, 2010

my own dog park

At any given time there is a combination of these 3 dogs inside my house.

Bauer, he is mine. Though my mom has threatened to not let me take him with me if I ever move out. While he certainly gets excited when people come over to the house OR there is any sort of food on the table, his favorite activity really is sleeping. Seriously. Starting about 9:00pm every night he will bark at you until you go to bed so he can get under the covers. (Don't let the picture fool you. He's pushing 40 pounds these days).
Rosie Bell is the old lady of the house. She is 10. I know you can't see her face, but I love this picture of her just watching the door. Rosie spent majority of her childhood as an outside dog. Then it progressed into half basement/half outside dog...until there was a snake in the basement. She is now an inside dog when we are home...unless she pees on the carpet.
Luna is the neighbors dog but it's kind of joint custody situation. Completely adorable and always ready for her belly to be scratched. She and Bauer have a deep love for one another and would kiss each other all day if we let them...and if Bauer would stay awake long enough. Though she may be the smallest, she certianly is more a watch dog than the other two.

do you have a dog? you should bring them over to our ever exciting little backyard dog park!

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Amber V said...

What cute pups! I have 4 - 2 pugs, a Golden, and a Golden/Pyr mix.