Saturday, April 17, 2010

live simply.

it's kind of a hip phrase these days...but it's been a topic of conversation for me recently and has really been a humbling thought process.

Since October I've been living with my mom. It's really been a good thing but I'll be honest...when new seasons come around or I see some really cute dishes I get a little sad. Josh got me a place setting in the fabulous new lime green fiestaware for valentines day. He thought I didn't like it because it's still sitting on his the box. The truth is I love it...I just don't have a house.

While it is kind of sad sometimes to not have a house to decorate, and little hard sometimes to live in a one bedroom space with all your things...or wrap a present for someone in that one bedroom space with all your things...I think I'm really learning important lessons.

Lessons like...I don't need a new serving tray for every party I host, I don't need a new picture frame...and not just because my mom won't let me hang things on the wall. But also lessons on how to live simply now. Not just when my kids are grown and we can downsize to smaller house but to maybe live in a way now where I take up less space and spend less money on my things and more time and money on the poor, the widowed, the orphan. After all, that's what we are called to do. (James 1:27)

I do think it's hard to plan a future and a possible family and not dream up this wonderful home with lots of space and a big yard and full of fun stuff. I just pray that if ever do have a nice home it's an open place for those in need to use a spare bedroom, that it's not filled with wasted space or trivial materials, and that the things in my closet don't cost me so much I can't afford to give to others.

Call it what you want...missional living, living simply, maybe even just simply thinking of others. That's always a good idea.

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