Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday

I love Easter. What's not to love really?! My boss said Monday morning, "If you don't have a great Easter Sunday at church you either need to find a new church or re-check your heart." It's just hard to not love Easter. PRAISE THE LORD! HE IS RISEN!

Anyway, a few years ago I blogged about what Easter is like at my house. That's still the case. We have two traditions for Easter:
1. Bunny Cake
2. Fill the house with friends and family

Lele posted this blog with lyrics to a song that they sang at RHCC. We sang it at BBC as well and I stood there with my mom, both of us missing Jimmy, and I knew my risen Savior was standing beside holding my hand tighter than ever. Death has no sting, PRAISE GOD!

***other people celebrated with us but refused to have their picture taken. I wonder who was.

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Birdie said...

We all have our downfalls. :)