Saturday, April 24, 2010

a card

so...I like to make cards for people. Yes, I work at Hallmark. No, I don't buy their cards. I know it's ironic.

I've been really challenged lately to broaden my card making tools. What started out with contruction paper, crayola markers, and tape in high school...has now turned into card stock, patterned paper, glue dots, ribbon, stamps, embossing, and possibly buying a cricut (is it worth it?!).

So, I'm taking a risk and posting my first card. It's not awesome, but it's a start. I'm proud of it and hopefully will one day be able to participate in challenges like this really fun one and get more involved in the card making circle.

Courtney is a WONDERFULLY talented card maker/designer/scrapbooker/all things crafty person! She is so encouraging and her videos are great! Here is the video where I learned the ribbon technique I used on this card. Thanks Courtney!


Anita said...

YES!!! I love my cricut and have the small one for sale I used for a week and knew immediately I needed/wanted the bigger one. You might want to come and see mine if you have not played with one! Anita

Camille Platt said...

are you doing stampin up? i used to do that all the time, pre-baby

joann said...

i love your card!