Sunday, April 11, 2010

a happy heart

a few years ago I wrote about how much I loved Sharpie's new PENS. Since then, they have filled my office, my home, my purse, my car, etc with their presence. And I'm pretty sure I'm a better person because of it. I also just like my handwritting better when I use them. Is anyone else wierd like that? Does your handwritting change based on the kind of pen you are using?

Anyway, a few months ago Lele blogged about the new and improved retractable sharpie. I'll admit I was hesitant. I don't so much love the retractable...the ink dries faster in my opinion. But I just bought my first set at target and I have to say...they are growing on me.


Lele said...

sharpie pens rule!

Josh said...

Your mom rules.

Katie Welch said...

I TOTALLY think my handwriting looks better with a sharpie! I'm glad to know someone else feels the se way I do about this!