Thursday, April 15, 2010

is this my future?

Josh and I have now been dating for 8 months. We have a lot of fun together...most of that time.

A few nights ago we had cooked dinner and I went to put the dishes in the sink and noticed this...

yup...standing water is his dishwasher...and it smelled.... so the rest of the night we was working on that...and this...other plumbing was backing up so he worked on this too...I had issues of my own when it came to DIY-ing some shower invites. All turned out well in the end and I'm excited to show the finished product along with other baby shower goodies!

We talked to each other throughout the evening...I'd check water levels for him...he'd ok the cut out circles, etc for me. It was after 11 when I had finished my crafting and he was at a stopping point with his garbage disposal. I thought to myself, "Is this what married life is like?"

I kind of liked the normalcy of it all. Nothing fancy, showy...just living normal life together. It was just wierd to not really spend the evening with him...yet be with him all night. And now you know how super awesome and exciting our lives are!


Lele said...

Yes, but it's my favorite part of being married. It means your a real family! :)

Cherilyn said...

That is fantastic. For real. The couple who deals with garbage water and paper circles is a special a good way!