Thursday, March 3, 2011

we're gonna party like it's your birthday...

today is a special day. 

It's my friend Katie's birthday!  My friend Katie...she totally gets me...except my love of my birthdays...and her not so much love of her birthdays.  Here's a blog about why I love Katie, why you should love Katie, and why Katie should love her birthday :)

I met Katie in 2004 right when I was about to graduate from college.  She moved up here from Florida to be an youth intern at the church I was an intern at.  This meant we lived together and worked together.  Sometimes I get in "my life is just too busy to be friends with anyone" mode.  This is how I was when Katie moved in.  She didn't stand for it.  She made me sit down and talk to her and we've been bestie's ever since.

It's why I love Katie.  She always pushes me to be a better love more, to laugh not wear overalls as much...
In the past 7 years she has taught me...
that my faith should be my own faith
how awesome publix subs are
baggage from the past can help mold you and mature you into the person God created you to be
sonic ice is a treasure
hugs are ok
quality time with friends is priceless
dancing is always a must
God truly does put people in your life to simply love you for who you are

see Katie...this is why you love birthdays.  People say awesome things about you on your birthday!

I hope this year is full of life, love, and other mysteries...that you can catch some Dawson's Creek episodes in there, we can spend holidays together, sing some Kelly Clarkson, give me some fashion advise, work jobs that you love with awesome people, travel to a fun place, have many wonderful days full of naps and watching TV, go to hip hop class, and that you daily realize how much people love you and how much God continues to use you to mentor, encourage, and love others.  Happy Birthday! LYLAS!

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