Thursday, March 17, 2011

online shopping

I've never been much of an "online shopper." I don't like to pay shipping...I like to try clothes on and see colors in me and the internet...we never fit well for shopping buddies. 

cue wedding planning craziness...

Oh my goodness!  I love online shopping.  I swear I buy something everyday online (I promise it will end after the wedding Josh...maybe).  It's crazy! I can't necessarily show you all the things I have bought online (full wedding reveal will be post-wedding) but I can tell you where. 

1. Esty
Holy Cow! What did we do before etsy?!  Browsing Etsy has not only shown me things I need to purchase, but it's given me ideas and inspiration for so many things.  I used etsy to order wedding jewelry, bridesmaid jewelry, accesories, gifts, bags, and ribbon.

2. Snapfish and Shutterfly
gotta have pictures...parents love gifts with your picture on it.

3. LLBean
we ordered our new luggage

4. Land's End Canvas
I don't ever shop at Land's End.  But I got a gift card for being at TBCH for 5 years so I needed something to buy.  Their Canvas line is a bit younger and when they have sales, their stuff is reasonably priced...AND if it doesn't fit you can return it to Sears (random, huh?).

5. Anthropologie
Sometimes it's just easier to buy it online ... pray it fits...if not you can return it to the store, no harm done!  It fit though! BONUS!

where do you like to shop online?

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