Tuesday, March 1, 2011

it happened again...

pretty much 4 years ago (and about a week) my dog...then just a few months old, had to have surgery b/c he ate an entire plush toy.  20 stitches later, he was ok.  In the blog post I wrote about it then, I mentioned he may do it again.  Turns out...he did.

My dog, Bauer, he likes to eat socks and underwear.  He's pretty cool like that.  Typically he will eat it (by eat, I mean swallow the entire thing while you are yelling at him not to eat it) and 2 days later throw it up.  It's a cool trick. not this time.  this time he ate a sock...he didn't throw it up...it got all the way to his colon and began causing problems.  After a trip to the ER, pain meds, an IV, and surgery...the sock is out and he is recovering.  We hope to pick him up this afternoon.

oh...and I'm getting married THIS MONTH!!!!


L.Caroline said...

oh no!! my grandmother's little jack russell terrier has done the same multiple times... i pray paisley never learns this trick! hope he feels better soon!

Amber V said...

Your poor pup!! I'm so sorry and hope he is doing much better now!