Thursday, February 16, 2012

very good valentines

we had a great first married valentine's!  we stayed true to my promise of keepin' real classy and getting a take n' bake pizza from papa murphy's.  folks...that's darn good pizza.  If you haven't had Papa Murphy's (which I hadn't until Tuesday night, I suggest you find a time to try it out.  delish).  We got one of the "heart" shaped pizza...obviously it's a loose definition of "heart" ...but still tasty!

and I made a strawberry cake! strawberry = red/pink = valentine's day!

Josh did so good on my little valentine's gifts!  Here's yet another example of how Pinterest is a wonderful thing.  Ladies, if your friends and family don't know that you are on pinterest pinning away all these things that you think are lovely TELL THEM!  The best thing I ever did was show Josh my pinterest boards.  Christmas was great...and Valentine's as well :)  He saw that I pinned some measuring cups from Anthropologie, so low and behold...that's what I got!

he also went out on his own and got me something else too!  this is brave...apparently I'm a hard person to buy for, but he did a GREAT job!  Look at this fun vase he got me (also from anthro)...

I LOVE it!  it's the colors I am hoping to one do use in our a teal-y/turquoise-y blue and a bright orange-y red!  so fun!  I am continually rearranging our built-in's in the kitchen and think they make a great home on the shelves!

I was really excited about what I gave Josh...and hopefully it will start to be a tradition for many years.  I had seen on a blog I read where they made "year books" for their family...just a place to keep all memories for one year in nice and orderly fashion.  I think I've said how odd I think it is I'm not a very good scrapbooker...but I'm not.  And now that I work with so many digital pictures and files all day, this seemed to be a really good fit.  So, I headed over to My Publisher and went to work. 

And here you have the final product.  100 pages of our first year of life together! 

(front and back cover)

I was so glad Josh loved it!  and I'm excited about making one each year!


Lele said...

Awe...sweet joshy!! Your shelves look super cute!

L.Caroline said...

Fun! I love the anthro vase... I was just admiring it this week. I started making my hubs digital photo books each year. I started our first Christmas together and have done it each year since. It's so fun to look back at them.

Mary said...

I've been wanting to do those yearly books for us! I'm just 5 years behind in our marriage ... do you think its too late?