Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's day

happy valentine's day!

I'm wearing red pants in honor of the fun and love-filled day.  red pants? I know I know...how am I not a teacher?!?!  truth is I bought them years ago and they happen to fit again!  (woo hoo!  making progress on at least 1 of my items on the "do before I turn 30 list").

My sweet husband started our first married valentine's day off with a classic little number...

yep, red roses.  can't go wrong.  classy, timeless, traditional ...love them, and him!

I found these heart "ornaments" in the 70% off christmas sale section in Target back in January.  Score for valentine's decorations.  They were normal $1...and 3 for $1 then 70%...you do the math.  I was able to get a lot for just $3.  so our mantle is fully ornamented with cute little hearts.

Speaking of classy...timeless...that's how we roll, you know...so of course tonight we are getting a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's.  If that isn't the traditional dress up go out on the town fancy kind of Valentine's Day meal then I don't know what is!  For dessert, I'm making this strawberry cake I found on pinterest:

I made the cake and icing last night so we are all set!

Hope you all have wonderful valentine's days!  whether you are dressing up or ordering pizza :)

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Blue said...

LOVE IT ALL especially the red pants.
Happy Valentine's Day. (The IC5 is my Valentine. Husbands included.)