Monday, February 20, 2012

happy birthday stuart!

Today, is my brother's birthday!!!  If you know him, you should wish him happy birthday!  If you don't know him...well, you are missing out.  not only are missing out on having awesome pictures like this with him...

but you are missing out on knowing an amazingly smart and funny man.  I credit Stuart for my respect of quality film and movies, my understanding of all the marvel comic characters and why I know more about super heroes, star trek, and star wars than my husband does.  He taught me to appreciate good humor...timing, delivery, sarcasm, and dry wit.  Stuart is brilliant and a talented writer.  He is an amazing father to two of the sweetest little boys there ever will be!

So on this day, his birthday, I wish him the happiest of days...that he gets a really long nap, a delicious cup of tea, hours of video game playing time, and that some how he would be transported to Orlando to spend time with mickey and his crew as well as harry potter and a happy birthday toast at the three broomsticks!

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