Monday, October 17, 2011

half marathon...check!

I proud to say that I can cross another thing off my Before 30 list!  I ran another half marathon this weekend!

This is my 3rd half marathon to run.  The first time I ran one I LOVED it and wanted to do it every year.

The next year I did it, I cried the entire way and ended up with a massive nose bleed at the end.

This time I was bound to land closer to the first than the 2nd. I ran The Middle Half in Murfreesboro.  I felt ok about my amount of training (still not as great as the first year i trained...but good enough).  With my supportive husband along to cheer, I was ready to get the party started...

anyone else think Josh looks like Moes from The Office?

it was a chilly morning, but I warmed up enough by the time the race started so josh was kind enough to "carry" my shirt for me...

I liked The Middle Half because the course is awesomely flat...unlike the Country Music one...but there aren't near as many people cheering along the course, so by the end I was really ready for it to be over.  AND the police officers marking the turns along the course made a mistake at one turn so I actually ran about 13.6 miles, instead of 13.1.  booyah!

They did call out everyone's names as you cross the finish line which I think is really fun and makes your feel special.  overall, it was a good morning.  One of my favorite things about running is the celebrating after!

josh and I celebrated at Whiskey Kitchen....yummm, hot skillet chicken is awesome!

I wonder which item I'll cross off for next month?!


Lele said...

WHOOP! WHOOP! Way to go!!! So glad you didn't cry! :)

Audra Lynn said...

Wow! How do you train for that?