Monday, October 10, 2011

fall fun

Lat Saturday was October 1st!  Josh and I were eagerly waiting official start of October...he had been begging to get some pumpkins for the porch but I told him we had to wait until October.  We started the day off in Franklin where we had a photo shoot (here's a quick sneak peek) and then enjoyed some breakfast!

after breakfast it was off to the farmer's market.  you all know I love me some farmer's market fun.

browsed all the MANY types of pumpkins ...

left with 2 mums and 2 pumpkins...successful trip!  spent the afternoon at the park hearing my amazingly talented friend Ryan Greenawalt sing!

and finished out the weekend with a birthday party that lead us up the natchez parkway!

hope yall are embracing the fun fall!  what's on your fall "to do" list?!

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