Monday, September 19, 2011

wrap it up!

tis the season for gift giving.  ahhh...there is just something fun about getting someone a little something..."just a little happy" as my friend Ryan says.  whether it's a surprise little treat, for their birthday, or now as we move on to's just nice to give fun gifts.

a lot of the fun for me comes with wrapping the gift.  my love for wrapping paper runs deep.  it just makes it special.  I recently found a tutorial for how to tie a bow on a package that just takes one pull and it unravels.  no scissors, no stretching it around the edges...just pull the end and you are ready to tear it open!

Eddie Ross, used to work for Martha Stewart and was on the Bravo designer reality contest show a few years ago.  I've tried to keep up with his blog because he does some fun stuff...especially for the holidays!  It was his ornament wreath that lead me to make this wreath 2 years ago!  Thanks Eddie!

back to gift wrapping...I recently found this tutorial on wrapping a gift package bow... and here is my work of art :)

paper and ribbon are from The Paper Source

I think maybe a thicker ribbon looks prettier, but I liked my navy! The back is so smooth! (pardon the rolled under tape...look away, look away)

I added a little lip gloss to the package and i think it makes a fun final touch!

do you like wrapping gifts? do you have a favorite kind of bow you like to use? please share!

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I recognize that gift!