Wednesday, September 14, 2011 recap

I shared a few of the recipes I used for my dessert party here and here with you.  I wanted to go ahead and post the rest.  They were all fabulous and big hits!  I've since made the chocolate cake again and it's still the winner hands down!  so good!

Strawberry Lemonade Bars

This recipe was fun!  I love me some good old fashioned lemon bars (dontcha know) and so this pink lemonade addition was a fun idea to me.  It would super cute for baby girl showers or pink parties!

Chocolate Chip Layer Cookie Cake

cookies and icing...what's not to love!  I made a layer cookie cake a few years ago for a friend and loved the cookie layers...but the icing was not my favorite.  This year...I think I reversed it.  I think the cookie layers were too think, but the icing was great.  The original recipe calls for ice cream between the cookie layers which I think would help soften the layers up a bit...but this was a come and go kind of party and I didn't want ice cream everywhere...

Creamsicle Trifle sherbet is one of my most favorite things in life.  It used to always be my ice cream flavor of choice.  It's so refreshing and cool and light and wonderful...and I could go on.  When I saw this recipe...I knew I needed to try it.  I don't think I realized at first that it used a liqueur...but I went with it...and I did NOT like it.  maybe I should have used less...but I think angel food cake would have been just as yummy as the soaked lady fingers.

Brownie Pops

pops...they are all the rage.  turns out, i'm horrible at them.  I think I need to stick to just making a normal cake...or normal brownies.  I'm just not great at the "pop" making.  Needless to say, the recipe looked simple and fun and way to change up your typical brownie. 

all these recipes I found on Pinterest.  Do you pin?! I love's kind of like my google reader addiction on steroids.  but I love it!  just because i'm in the recipe sharing mood....I made THIS for my sunday school class a few weeks ago! I kind of want to make it every weekend!

it was delicious.
oh...and I doubled the recipe!

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