Monday, December 6, 2010

my little Ron

The word on the street is that red heads are a dying breed.  As one lady told me a few years ago when I was very single, "it's because no one seems to be marrying red heads."  I was fully aware...thanks lady.  What she meant to say is that red heads aren't marrying red heads, making the gene more and more recessive.  sad.

As you know, I have red hair.  My mother has red hair.  My grandmother has red hair. and so on and so on.  Naturally I would LOVE to have a daughter and for her to have red hair (and thanks to friends and my mother, she already has a name and trip to Disney World lined up).  Sadly Josh has normal brown hair...UNTIL (dramatic music) he grows a beard (which I really love)...RED people.  There is red in the beard.

and now that Josh has proved has he is willing to risk his life for his friends playing wizard chess..

(or help me with a photo shoot...either one)

We may just end up with some Ron or Jenny Weasley's after all!


Amber said...

So sad!! I hope that you will have red headed babies :) I love red hair - my great grandma was a red head but it ended with her. I loved her + the red hair so much I only played with red headed dolls when I was little, LOL!

caitlin said...

yeah josh! i think that scene is where I feel in love with ron.

is that chess set in west haven?

emily said...

yes, west haven. b/c everyone wants a chess set in their front yard!