Friday, December 10, 2010

decorations of red...

as much as I would LOVE to buy new bedding every single month I'm quite the opposite when it comes to my seasonal decorations.  I tend to keep everything the same from one year to the next (as much as I've been able to).  Each little piece is considered an investment and it has a specific place and purpose.  Well, I broke my rules this year.  I got something new to go on the mantle.

Isn't it cute?! We got them in at Hallmark awhile back.  I saw it, fell in love, saw that it was the slightest bit damaged and got it for even cheaper!!!  I love how the bird on top ties in with my beloved bird vase.  So here is our new sign, with it's new "mantle decoration friends" looking like its been there every year before..

I also got this new little, what a I call, sweater tree!  I think it's super cute and warm and cuddle-y. 

In my mind it would go on the floor by the "fireplace" but Dylan thought it was his Christmas toy.  So now, it's home is the dentist cabinet along with some left over yarn balls I didn't use on my wreath.

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