Friday, December 17, 2010

100,000 miles and 100 days

100,000 Miles
Previously to owning my current Jeep Liberty, my cars were nothing special.  At 16 I had a 1988 Tercel...yeah, that's a Toyota (100 points if you name that movie).  I had it for about a year and got in a wreck while skipping school...yet never got in trouble for that, score!  I drove around with a dented in door for 2 more years.  Then it died.

My next car was a Ford Contour.  About a year after I had that one the window stopped rolling down.  Awesome.  At least I stopped going through drive-thrus as much!  On the way to work one day it died.  So I started driving my mom's Ford Taurus.  I drove it for 2 weeks and it then it died.  Awesome.

By this point I was out of college and had my first real job and was at good place financially to buy a car.  My parents had a Jeep that I LOVED! so I figured that was a good place to start.  I ended up with a black 2005 Jeep Liberty.  She's been great!  I've only gotten one new battery and had some break work done.  That's it.  Come January I will have had her for 6  years and just yesterday she hit 100,000 MILES!!!  wow. It's like my baby is all grown up. 

Over the past 6 years and 100,000 miles I've driven her all over and with help of so many friends had too many wonderful road trip memories to count!  here's to 100,000 more...I hope!

100 Days
We are 100 days away from the wedding as of TODAY! WOAH! Freak out time!  So much to do, so little time.  Do we have any money left for this?  What about the flowers? How do I get all the lights i want?  Is everyone going to fit?  What kind of cake should I get? What's our first dance song?  Are we going to change clothes before we leave? What car are we going to leave in? What scripture means the most to me? Are people going to come? How should I wear my hair? Should I get my teeth whitened?

These are just a sampling of the questions that are constantly running through my head.  calm.the.heck.down.emily. 
that's what I need to be telling myself. 
I've said from the beginning that once Christmas gets here it's "GO TIME."  Well...look what happens next week.  Christmas.  dang.  alright folks, buckle up.  We've got lots of crafts, cutting, gluing, making, planning, and hopefully a dress fitting in the next month to get ready for!!! 
March 26, 2011 HERE.WE.COME.

ps. if you know the answers to any of the aboved questions feel free to answer them for me!


Jen Clapp said...

My car is a 2005 Toyota and a couple of months ago I put on the 100,000th mile. I felt like I should've stopped and had a was so fun to see the miles turn over!

molly said...

1. the money will work itself out. 2. tulips. 3. ask Gabe (or I can) 4. Standing room only is fine. 5. a delicious one! your favorite flavor 6. "love can build a bridge" duh. 7. I like that idea. 8. a tercel. 9. I can't help with that one. 10. of course. 11. CRIMP IT. 12. if there's time.

done! wedding: planned.

Rachel said...

Movie quote: 10 Things I Hate About You!!!

Mary Frances said...

10 things I hate about you!!! yeah! i watched that move about a million times during college.

Anita said...

Breathe...just breathe...If you don't tell all the things you are planning and then they don't get are the only one who will know!!! Enjoy this once in a lifetime event and dont make it complicated by stressing over it...and when ALL else fails deligate!!! You have SO many capable friends and family members. It will be alright!