Monday, January 9, 2012

new year's rockin' eve

does anyone know what I was doing last new years eve? I couldn't tell you.  I looked back at facebook and the help.  this is why i need to be a better journal-er.  I take pride is remembering details and knowing what i was doing a year ago.  well...I have no idea on this one.  BUT here's what I was up to this new year's eve...

we had a low key night...lots of fun...but nice and low key.  New Year's Eve is hard.  Do you have people over? does that mean they have to stay for 10 hours? do you have it early? do you have a late party?  Well...we opted to just eat dinner with friends and come back and eat treats, get in to a few shenanigans, and then count down to the new year!  Josh was fired up...literally...with some left over wedding sparklers!

I had my cookies and fudge that I made earlier that day and we celebrated the new year with dear friends!

good times had by all!  happy new year!

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