Friday, December 9, 2011

what's going on: instagram style

whew!  Helllloooo December!  what is up?!  Did November fly by or what?  Pretty sure I just had the busiest fall to date, but I loved every minute of it.  You can stay up to date on my goings over on photo blog to see what I'm doing every weekend...and I am LOVING every minute of it.  I've met so many wonderful people, families, and sweet children!  I couldn't ask for a better adventure!

Now that December is here, I'm not sure life will slow down much with all the Christmas festivities.  One of my favorite blogs to read is by Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy (I am in LOVE with my tiny pouch!) and she always links up for insta-friday.  so, as a fun way to show yall what I've been up to, here are the past few days...instagram style! (Instagram is one of my favorite iphone apps...gotta love fun photo apps!)

Josh tried to be all Mr. Grinch on me and not let me set up for Christmas because the house is on the market.  bah-humbug I'd said.  I'm pretty sure my feistaware holiday plates will be what sells the house!

we added this super cute wool penguin to our ornament collection as well!  Isn't he cute?!

and...we officially have presents under the tree.  sticky notes are perfectly acceptable gift tags, right?! just tags to come!

since the house still is on the market (do you want to buy it?!?!) we still have showings almost every week, so Dylan gets to tag along for car rides...

we got a fancy iMac.  we now can talk to the rest of our generation...kind least talk about having Mac, not necessarily know how to use it! is handy when I'm working on pictures AND want to watch TV with my husband...just set up shop on the coffee table!

Dylan and I took a field trip to the park during a showing last week!  It was such a pretty afternoon!

he LOVED our little photo session :)

Last Saturday myself, Josh, and my friend Molly ran the Jingle Bell 5K! It was so fun...
Molls and I had awesome coordinating socks
(this or may not be the first time we have matched outfits...on purpose...who can know!) 

I ran a personal best time of 31 minutes!  who knew awesome socks had magical running powers?!
so we had to have a celebration brunch with our sweet friends who came to cheer us on!

We got Josh a Christmas bow tie!!! Jealous?!

those things can be tricky to tie...thanks youtube!
I got dressed up myself and we had a snazzy christmas date!

We had the pleasure of attending Christmas at Belmont.  7 years after I graduate I finally get to go!!!  It was beautiful and all the students did such a wonderful job!  Great way to kick off the month of Christmas!

and....deep breath! it's the weekend!!! holler!


molly said...

I made it into a blog post! I'm so honored. And I think we should bring back the matching outfits. It's vintage, right?

emily said...

oooo...yes girl. matching is totally vintage. if only we worked together every day that would be even more awesome.