Wednesday, December 14, 2011

house visit: christmas decorations!

Last weekend, my friend Ryan I hosted a sweet Baby Girl shower our friend Morgan!  Yes, SHE'S HAVING A GIRL!!!!  I happen to know A LOT of pregnant people these days and she is the ONLY one I know having a girl! so of course we busted out some pink!!!

Ryan hosted it at her lovely home...especially lovely this time of year because it's decorated for Christmas!  Ryan and her husband are both super talented and creative people and they never disappoint with home decor ideas!  I LOVED what she had done in their living room that I just had to share!

she spray painted 3 pieces of wood and placed them on the mantle front of the TV no less! the real tree sits next to the lovely mantle that is draped with yarn and ornaments.  It makes for such a cozy atmosphere!

also in their living is a lovely vintage piano.  it is beautiful by itself...but at Christmas...well...

ryan used and tube of outside lights to form the word "peace" above the the piano.  It's clipped on to the same clips you would use when attaching them outdoors!  so fun!

the piano also serves as their advent calendar.  Each day has a different name for God as well as an ornament to put on the tree.  It's all just precious Ryan!  So creative and inspiring! 
11 days until Christmas folks! 
Hope your decorating, cooking, buying, and wrapping is all going well!

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