Thursday, December 18, 2008

saying goodbye

I can't believe it's time to say goodbye to 2008. What a fabulously dark and bright year this has been...full of twists and turns that only God could have known about. I certianly learned a heck of a lot this year and laughed a rediculous amount as well. With help from friends, most seasons were filled to capacity with various events and outings. As I vow to document the upcoming year in photographs, I will begin by saying goodbye to the current one.

JANUARY - visiting family
FEBRUARY - predator's game
MARCH - Ryan and Kat's Wedding
APRIL - Music City 1/2 Marathon
MAY - Sex and the City Movie
JUNE - Baby Eli
JULY - Bobbie's Dairy Dip
AUGUST - my birthday
SEPTEMBER - State Fair
OCTOBER - Totally Awesome 80s Party
NOVEMBER - Lele and Eric's Wedding Shower
DECEMBER - Nashville Christmas Parade

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Amber V said...

Ok so now that I've found your blog I'm doing this quasi-creepy thing I do to virtually "catch up" with people - reading your blog from the back forward and I have a confession. I saw you and your friends at the SATC movie and I hid. Yes, that's right I hid from you. I cried so many times during the movie I felt it was best not to be seen by anyone I knew, LOL!