Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DIY fall wreath tutorial

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

last friday was the first official day of was "put up a new wreath" day in my house!  Thanks to Pinterest we all now have access to every holiday craft/project ever imaginable.  I looked there for inspiration and here is what I came up with...

a fun fall burlap wreath!

this wreath, which was super easy will also be easy to just switch out bows and ribbon and keep it going all year long - that's my kind of wreath :)  here's how I did it:

I got a straw wreath (I kept it with the plastic wrap on it b/c I didn't have time to clean up a huge mess AND i was going to be covering it up anyway), burlap garland, and floral pins (left over from the wedding!):

I started pinning the burlap on the wreath with no real structure or plan. I just made loops and pinned on one side...then the other side...

then the middle... and slowly but surely...

however, after multiple attempts to make it stretch all the way around I finally gave up and embraced that I would have one section without burlap.  It ended up working out perfectly and made a great spot for the bow!

So I added a big fun ribbon bow. 

it looked a little "all the same color" even though I felt like it was perfect for I found some oragne ribbon and just wrapped it around in between the burlap for some POP! ...and to make josh love it even more (GO VOLS!)

and here you have easy fall burlap wreath! 

happy fall yall! isn't it the best?!

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ArtUla said...

Tank you, great tutorial.